I'm Just the Girl Next Door with Time on Her Hands...

My name is CarlyBelle, okay right from the start I'm telling a half truth; my name IS Carly, but CarlyBelle is a nickname my parents gave me forever ago. I found it much more friendly than my other nickname amongst family - "snotface" (Thanks to my obsession at a young age to the movie Drop Dead Fred). 

I'm a 30-something Canadian Girl that spent a few years doing social media & online merchandising for a large supplement company, and also a  customer service rep for a large grocery store chain. 

I really am just the girl next door that happens to fall in-between many blogging niches. I'm a makeup junkie, foodie (that is always putting my own spin on traditional dishes), DIY (attempter), avid pet photographer & caffeine addicted, witty & sarcastic girl. I like to read A LOT, and I spend countless hours on Netflix binging on any show with more than one season (let's be real, if they ever add an "hours watched" bar on that site we're all going to feel like huge losers).

I want to share my world with you, and I hope you can relate.