Spring Beauty Favourites

I'm not what you'd consider a makeup professional at all, but like every girl, I LOVE playing around with makeup. So I'm not going to try to give you tips or anything, but I will start a new tab in my blog for Beauty finds/favourites. This way, whenever I get a product I think is worth sharing, I will! 

I'm going to start off with my current favourite beauty products, and they're all perfect for spring! 

I've always been a HUGE fan of NARS blush, usually opting for the dark peach Luster shade. However, I discovered Sex Appeal and it's a PERFECT colour for everyday! It's a pale peach that just adds a hint of colour. ($35 Canadian, sounds pricey, but I value the quality of blush over price, and if I could find a drugstore brand that offered both the perfect colour and lasting power, I'd try it!)

Swatches courtesy of Nars Cosmetics

Swatches courtesy of Nars Cosmetics

Sticking with the NARS train, I've recently discovered peach hued lipstick. Honolulu Honey & my personal favourite, Barbarella are at the top of my list. HH is more of a nude with a peach base, where Barbarella is VERY sheer with a beautiful peach tint. Perfect for just those days where you want something, but, like me, vampy reds isn't so casual. ($24 Canadian)
(the below images are supplied by me compliments of IG & Nars Cosmetics website for swatches. I just didn't have great lighting to do the tubes justice with my camera)

Another neutral lip colour that's perfect for everyday casual, Kat Von D's ALWAYS sold out, very popular Lolita. Now, it looks pretty brown in the tube, but once on has a much more subtle mauve tone which I can really get behind. ($24 Canadian)


I've never been one for bronzer before, since I'm SUPER pale (and have zero skills for blending appropriately), it always looked obviously too much for me - HOWEVER - Rimmel's Sun Kissed in Gold Princess is a life changer! The sun wheel has a variety of shades, so when swirled together off just the right amount of glitter & colour for my cheeks. At $10.99 (Canadian), I'd say it's a steal.

Lastly, my current favourite foundation (not that I'll ever give up on Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation) is Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless. This stuff isn't super thick, so it offers a nice wash of colour that covers small imperfections, while not looking caked on. At $8.99 (Canadian), it's a nice drug store option that gives a bit more coverage than a BB cream, but doesn't feel thick. 

I wear the shade number 110. I love the way it makes my blush & bronzer really pop.

I wear the shade number 110. I love the way it makes my blush & bronzer really pop.

What are you favourite spring beauty items? Do you prefer drug store steals or high end purchases? Let me know on Facebook or below!