2017 in Review

An entire year summarized in just a couple paragraphs. I wish it was harder, but this year, was very uneventful personally. However, it doesn't mean I didn't get to experience some really high high's and some very low low's.

Pretty big highs this year included the birth of two of my new favourite gentleman & an adorable little lady. Elliot came into the world in February, Theodore followed suit in April and lastly, Elliot's cousin, Zoe rounded our year of babies out in October. 

In the short time these babes have been in the world it's been wild watching them grow up and even more amazing has been watching the guys I've known since my teens grow into men and then into big marshmallows over their kids - it's been remarkable. 

Another pretty great experience in 2017 was my first trip to Europe in August. A friend found himself smitten with a beautiful english lady and fancied himself a wedding. This meant myself and our merry band of misfits (and 2 of 3 babies!) made the journey to Nottingham England for a charming country wedding.

We spent several days in Nottingham, then all by myself I made my way to London and then on to Amsterdam for a few days before meeting up with my boyfriend and the band he works for. I was able to travel with the band for a week and got to experience a German festival, Antwerp Belgium and Paris. It was an absolutely whirlwind experience and I can't wait to get back to Europe for another adventure.

I must admit the lowest low's rocked the highs in 2017.

In 2017 I lost two coworkers I considered friends to suicide. Two. 

I've never felt shock and numbness like I did in those situations. It's so hard to wrap your mind around the struggles of mental health and knowing someone just couldn't handle their fight on their own. I just wish these friends had reached out and asked for the help that was so readily available to them. 

They may be gone from this physical plane, but the marks they left on those that worked with them and their families & friends will never be fully gone. 

If you are experiencing depression please contact your family doctor for the support you need. And if you're having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE reach out to someone for help. The Ontario Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600 or go to a crisis centre in your local area - listings located here: Distress & Crisis Ontario

Another low this year for me has been in my relationship. Without going into details about this (as it's much too personal to share with the masses as we figure out our situation), it's been a messy road of tears, yelling, anxiety, numbness, anger and some nights spent watching too many romantic comedies and crying.

I've been a little embarrassed about this, I mean, who really wants to admit they're going through something with their partner, but that's life truthfully, and though it's caused me serious heartache, working on fixing it will be the truest challenge I face in 2018. I'm ready and willing to put in the work and so is he.

So it wasn't just events that were high and low this year, but things like my motivation and will power were tested as well. I have a VERY unmotivated 2017 (which is funny because I went back to school and aced my program!), I let my fitness fall to the wayside, I didn't actually update this blog at all & I very seldom wanted to go out and socialize. 

I ate terribly all year & it sucks. You truly do feel the weight of bad choices after awhile. It's scary amazing how your body works I tell you! 

Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty great year this year, I don't want anyone thinking I'm sad, because as of now, I'm not. I've got myself motivated for 2018 and in the next post you'll read all about the plans I've got and the goals I want to set for myself over the next 12 months. 

I must admit, I can't wait!