Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Okay, any girl that says they don't like Valentine's Day is probably lying a little bit. Even me. I love heart shaped items! Who doesn't love LOVE?

Kevin and I have never really been big on celebrating since his birthday is on the 10th, and usually he's out on tour anyways. This doesn't mean I can't buy MYSELF some super cute Valentine's themed presents! (I can justify just about everything these days!)

I wanted to share a few of my favourite Love themed items so you can either drop hints to your special someone, OR buy yourself something cute to celebrate how great you are! Here are a few of my favourites for her & him (because we SHOULD find something for those men in our lives too, I guess).

Chapters/ Indigo has some AWESOME Valentine's themed gifts this year! We're talking everything from candles and journals to water bottles and tea cups. I can't get enough of their gifts and one of my favourites is their Striped Reading Socks. They're adorable high socks lined in soft fleecy teddy bear fluff! Perfect for lounging around the house with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee, even a good snuggle! They're a little pricey at $34.50, but they are made really well, so I think they'll be perfect for use until well after the snow melts! They come in grey and white or pink and white.

They have cute little pink hearts on the heels! 

They have cute little pink hearts on the heels! 

What lady wouldn't want some custom, frilly unmentionables? My friend (and old neighbour) Sarah runs OhhhLuLu and sells the most beautiful custom lingerie. Here's my favourite, the Swan Romper! You'll never find someone who puts more love into each piece than Sarah! She makes everything by hand, now that's true love!

For the coffee lover, why not try a Shoppe815 Coffee scented soy candle. Each one is poured with love in Burbank CA by my sweet friend Katy! The candles last for 80 hours and smell like coffee with hazelnut creamer. If coffee isn't your scent, they also carry candles in scents like campfire, oakmoss, spruce, and for the men in your hearts - gasoline, motor oil, leather and tobacco. 

I am a water drinking junkie, so naturally Swell Bottles are on my list. I use mine everyday and they live up to the hype. Pour water into them and it stays cold for 24 hours. I love filling it with cold water before bed, so waking up thirsty I get the pleasant surprise of icy water, every time. Yes, they're $40 BUT I'm telling you, they really are worth the price. And come on, how cute are the little hearts, arrows and red lips on the bottles? (Scroll right to see more colours and designs!)

One of my personal favourite places David's Tea has so many cute things to offer the tea lover. I LOVE their adorable Valentine's Day line! You can grab up a tea or two, a heart-shaped infuser, glass travel mug with hearts, or even their adorable Love Tokens coupon book! You give the gift of 5 free cups of hot or cold tea to your sweetheart! They just hand in the coupon in store for a drink on the house! How sweet for your tea lover!

Lastly, who can resist the cuteness of Shop No one, that's who. My pick is the That's a Wrap Scarf in Extreme Supercute Heart. It's all in the name, I don't have to explain it anymore.

- Carlybellexo

How to Survive Valentine's Day (in a Long Distance Relationship)

As you know, my long time boyfriend Kevin tours for a living. This means he's pretty much always gone when it's time to celebrate life's milestones (and any other little events most couples partake in).

I always see lists for "Single Girls", but never for those of us in long-distance related relationships. So here are some fun things you can do if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who can't be with you to celebrate cheesy holidays like Valentines!


Have a Skype/FaceTime Date!
This is like a new age love letter! 
Wake up with each other, share a drink at happy hour OR have a good night chat before bed! Sometimes the best gift you can give/receive, is just taking some time out of your busy schedules to make time for each other!

Send them a Cheesy Valentine! 
I LOVE doing this, but that's because Valentine's Day has never been a huge deal for us (as he's always away we never get to really celebrate any!). I usually find a quirky image or text and send that or make my own! They're always good for a laugh, but I think he gets the idea that I'm loving & missing him! 

Send a Valentine's Day Care Package!
If your significant other is someplace you feel confident won't misplace this, send them a care package with cute little things that you guys both enjoy! It can be candies, inside joke items or even romantic/thoughtful items! Heck if you're feeling racy, you can send sexy items too! It's all up to you and your comfort level! 

Plan a Day of Love Related Pictures!
Send them photos all day of you & things you love to do together with the promise of doing them when you're together next! I like funny photos - me with pizza & beer, me watching tv in bed, taking the dog for a walk, going to a movie & stuffing my face with popcorn, etc. (if you didn't catch one, we're pretty good at being sloths together!)

Now just remember, there are plenty of things you can do on Valentine's Day when your partner isn't around and you don't want to skip it all together - hit dinner & movie with some gal pals, stay in and give yourself that manicure you've been neglecting for weeks (months... ugh, I know, I'm the WORST girl!), trying a new recipe, hanging with family & make them eat a heart shaped pizza with you (I'm guilty of this one, a lot)! Just don't eat an entire bag of conversation hearts or chocolates! Save that for AFTER Valentine's Day, when you can buy the candy half price! 

Do you have any special ideas? What would you do for your Valentine if they weren't available to celebrate with you! Let me know in the comments below!

                                                                                                                        - CarlyBellexo