Taking The Slow Train To Philly.

Okay, that title is a quote from Angela on The Office. I'm pretty sure it's in reference to tramps, but well, I'm on a train so I used it. 

Yes, I am on a train RIGHT NOW! I'm headed to Montreal today to meet up with my boyfriend (for those of you who don't know he works for bands for a living and is currently on tour with August Burns Red) and the band for a couple days since their tour is in Canada.

I've made sure to bring my camera on this short little trip so I can take a whole bunch of pictures and fill you in when I get home Saturday! 

What are your favourite travel items? Things you can't leave home for a long trip without? Leave your comments below! 

I can't live without headphones. I like to just block everything out and drift off into my own little world complete with my own soundtrack! I also LOVE travel sized products, so that I can take more of the things I love! Travel bottles, genius! 

For now, this is it, but I'll be posting updates on Instagram and Twitter so if you want to see what I'm up to as it happens, those are the places to go!