Summer To-Do List

As much as I joke that I dislike the sunshine, I LOVE summer. I love being able to spend time outdoors with my friends and get a little natural vitamin D when I need it! 

I love having little plans set that I'd like to do and sometimes, the simple little things make for the best memories. 

As always, I'm excited to spend time with my friends. Sitting around the pool or having fires together always leads to hilarious conversation and a lot of laughter. 

I'm really excited this year to have more sunshine in my back yard. A VERY large maple tree developed a large crack all the way down to the base, so it had to be removed so it wouldn't fall over the next storm and damage our house or the neighbours. Now, for the first time in ages there's sunshine all over the yard! The possibilities for the gardens are now endless! 

My friend Katie is a little world traveller and picked up surfing and paddle boarding along the way. I'd love to go out on the water with her this summer and get a little pleasure from something she loves so much! 

Yoga is great. I definitely lack in the flexibility department, but I love stretching. I can't wait to spend more time with my mat outside in the mornings!

Taking the dog for a hike is always a good time. He loves it, I love it. It's a great place to spend some hours talking with my brother (or whomever else I rope into going with me). 

Summer concerts. Who doesn't love a good day of music and sunshine? I'll 100% be covered in sunscreen, but I can't wait!

Obviously there are so many other things I'm looking forward to this summer (fresh Ontario berries, corn & seafood cookouts, walks downtown, etc) but this is the list I've come up with for now

What do you plan on doing this summer? Use the hashtag #cbsummerlist on Instagram when you post photos so I can see the fun you're having! You can also let me know below! 

- Carlybellexo