Read Until it Hurts!

I'm one of those people that gets VERY invested in the books I read. I start reading and think to myself "just a half hour today" which turns into 2 hours. I have a really hard time putting books down!

Recently, my old Kindle died and I had been humming and hawing about getting a new one for a few weeks before I finally bit the bullet. Amazon had a Valentine promo and I purchased a wi-fi only Kindle PaperWhite

Compared to my (7 year old) previous kindle this one is a DREAM! My old one had a full keyboard built into the unit and was a little slower response when typing. This one is touch screen and is very fast! It even has a built-in backlight that you can adjust to suit the room lighting! This is a godsend! I tend to read before bed, and I hate keeping Kevin up, so having this allows me to read while he snores loudly in my ear! 

It also links to GoodReads so you can create an account and rate all the books you read so others can see if they're worth reading! Love that! 

Right now I'm reading a suspense/thriller and being able to bring my book everywhere (in my small purse) is awesome!

I love paperback books, don't get me wrong, but I travel a lot and its not practical to carry a paperback with me on most of my journeys. 

What are you reading right now? I'm always interested in trying new genres & authors! Also, would you be interested in reviews of some books I've read recently? Let me know below or leave a comment on my Facebook page! 

- CarlyBellexo