Florida Adventure!

Last weekend I was in Indian Shores FL for my friend Hailey's bachelorette. We had a wild time in the sun and I escaped with only sunburnt feet (thanks to a leisurely walk in the water to a bird sanctuary down the beach 2 hours). 

We got a lot of sun even though upon arrival Thursday morning it was raining pretty heavily. The forecast predicted we'd have a sunny, hot weekend and everyone was pretty happy about that. 

We did a pub crawl, yoga on the beach, a fancy dinner and a night out dancing in Clearwater as well as tons of time just relaxing in the sun. My favourite part of everyday was we share breakfast together on the balcony (the first picture below was taken from the very balcony) and enjoyed our coffee (and LOTS of water) with the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It was truly a wonderful weekend. 

I'd love to share all about the weekend with you, but truthfully, what happened in Florida stays in Florida so I'll give you a small glimpse of our trip with some of the photos I took.