I have a Confession

Just like the title says, I have a confession to make to all of you. 

I must confess that I've given into my dark side, I've lost my motivation. I mean, truthfully, I could feel it slipping away the past few months, but now, at the time when everyone else is gearing up to change the world, here I am, sitting on my bed in my underwear, watching Netflix, trying desperately to not get distracted (thanks Instagram for all the recommendations for pictures to look at),  and FINALLY post something of substance on my blog.

I like everyone else wants to put my best foot forward in 2016. I want to make all the right choices, transition into all my hopes and dreams for myself. I just need to find the motivation to do so. 

They say you can't change until you're ready. Well girl, you've waited too long, even if you're taking the lifestyle of the sloth to heart, you're going to be making yourself ready. 

I've decided to change my Monthly Goals tab to The Challenge. I'm still going to be posting goals, but I think it will be much more fruitful to make ONE challenge and try to attain that, instead of several things and overload myself. Failing on more than one front always brings you down more, so focusing on one aspect I want to change, that will be so much more attainable, at least, I think so. 

So in the upcoming days, please check out my Challenge tab. Maybe you'll want to participate, we can talk through these challenges, send pictures and little words of encouragement. We can challenge ourselves to be the motivation we can't find inside, for someone else. 

Will you think about joining me in my year long quest to use this newfound motivation and become the person I know I can be?

- CarlyBellexo

Dealing with Stress

We all get stressed out in life from time to time. I know I do. As a person that is strung a little higher than most, I deal with stress a lot in my day-to-day life. 

Dealing with things at work, finances, house hold chores, family & relationships - STRESS! 

Stress can cause some pretty serious health issues, so it's really important for your health to be able to deal with those things that upset you quickly.

If you want to try naturally ways to relieve stress as a first step to getting back to a healthier, happier you, here are a couple things I do when I'm stressed and need to relax & calm my nerves a bit (and no, I didn't list wine or beer as a way to cope! They may be a quick fix, but once that buzz is gone your stress comes back! They're also not a healthy way to dealing with stress.).

Hot Bath
When I'm SUPER stressed out I like to take a super hot bath. I find about 20 minutes in hot bubbly baths make me feel 85% calmer than before I got in. 

Positive Affirmations
You MUST tell yourself that things will be okay. All troubles can be fixed, yes they may take time and seem very distant, but you have to keep reminding yourself that YOU can get through it, you CAN attain your goal and the stress is just silly. 

Making Lists & Goal Setting
If you're stressing over things like finances or some upcoming event, etc., you can always do what I do, create a plan of action or steps to attain what you want and end the stress. Sometimes seeing what you need to do written down on paper, to truly visualize what you need to do, makes it seem so much more attainable. Even if you have a lot of steps to take, it can be doable.

Deep Breathing & Stretching
Sometimes I just can't sleep because the stress is killing me (this week was one of those weeks for me!) so I slowly take long deep breaths and I do a few simple yoga poses to relax my body and calm down. It does usually help me sleep best when I just relax and let the fears out. 

Now, I'm not saying all your (s)(or mine) troubles will be gone instantly and you're going to feel amazing and stress over nothing, but these simple, little things do help me to ease my stress and allow me to see the bigger picture, that everything will be okay.

How Do you deal with stress or stressful situations? 

Have a great weekend, you guys!

- CarlyBellexo