Scentsy Obsessed!

As many girls know Scentsy isn't just any scent warmer, it's a lifestyle of obsession. 

I was getting my hair done one night in November and one of the stylists happens to be a sales rep. She had a huge display up in the store and while I was getting my hair done I had the chance to smell about 100 sample scents!  

Naturally I came home later that day and went immediately to the scentsy site to look at different warmers & wax.  

I made my first purchase that quickly!

I got a grey & black patterned warmer & 6 wax melts.

The scents I chose were: cinnamon bear (think cinnamon hearts), pumpkin marshmallow (very mild and perfect for fall), cinnamon vanilla (a more mild cinnamon scent), mocha doodle (this is every cafe lover's dream smell!), white out (SO soft you barely notice the hint of peppermint wafting around you) & my personal favourite - shimmer.  Shimmer... how do I describe it - if you're old enough to remember those Hawaiian Barbies that came with solid scent pots, it's that. All I know is it's a soft, girly scent that I can 100% get behind without question. I burn it everyday! 


The BEST part about these melts is that they're $6 & last FOREVER! I've been using the same two little cubes of shimmer for about a month and it still smells just as "strong" as day one. 

I want you to know this is not sponsored by Scentsy in any way. I just REALLY love their products! 

Are you a candle person or a melting wax person, or well, both? Let me know in the comments below! :)