I have a Confession

Just like the title says, I have a confession to make to all of you. 

I must confess that I've given into my dark side, I've lost my motivation. I mean, truthfully, I could feel it slipping away the past few months, but now, at the time when everyone else is gearing up to change the world, here I am, sitting on my bed in my underwear, watching Netflix, trying desperately to not get distracted (thanks Instagram for all the recommendations for pictures to look at),  and FINALLY post something of substance on my blog.

I like everyone else wants to put my best foot forward in 2016. I want to make all the right choices, transition into all my hopes and dreams for myself. I just need to find the motivation to do so. 

They say you can't change until you're ready. Well girl, you've waited too long, even if you're taking the lifestyle of the sloth to heart, you're going to be making yourself ready. 

I've decided to change my Monthly Goals tab to The Challenge. I'm still going to be posting goals, but I think it will be much more fruitful to make ONE challenge and try to attain that, instead of several things and overload myself. Failing on more than one front always brings you down more, so focusing on one aspect I want to change, that will be so much more attainable, at least, I think so. 

So in the upcoming days, please check out my Challenge tab. Maybe you'll want to participate, we can talk through these challenges, send pictures and little words of encouragement. We can challenge ourselves to be the motivation we can't find inside, for someone else. 

Will you think about joining me in my year long quest to use this newfound motivation and become the person I know I can be?

- CarlyBellexo

Tips To Stay Productive (when you really want to watch Netflix instead!)

Sometimes it's hard to stay on task (or even to get motivated to start that task at all) when there are so many things that can derail you (Netflix/Buzzfeed/YouTube, I'm looking at you!).

***EDIT - It should be known that it took me 15 minutes to complete that part because I was in fact watching videos on YouTube of dogs chasing carrots attached to string and a ceiling fan***

Now I'm the last person who should be giving ANYONE advice on staying motivated, but I do have a few tricks that help me out during the worst "Meh" and "Bleh" moments. 

Get Out of Your Bed
I am 100% guilty of trying to write my blog posts while in my bed. This is a TERRIBLE idea. What's that - pillows and a blanket? NAP TIME! Find yourself a nice stiff chair (like the ones at your grandmother's dining room table, you know, the ones that make even one family dinner feel like eternity). Sit at a table or desk. Set yourself up with a special place to stay motivated. Of course, don't get distracted with designing your space, save that for it's own day!

Set a Timer
If you're really having trouble with staying on task, set yourself a timer and focus for 5-10 minutes at a time. Reward yourself with a few minutes downtime with checking that social media feed or watching a video or two!

Put on Some Tunes!
A little music never hurts at all! Nothing gets me going on a task better than a little music (OR truth be told, a little nerdy science talk from my favourite radio show CBC's Quirks & Quarks. I will NEVER deny my love of science or Bob McDonald)!

Dance Break (or Get Up & Move)
Sometimes you have to give yourself a dance break or jump up and down! Get yourself going so you don't fall asleep or get so bored you give up!

What do YOU do to stay on track or get motivated? How do you stay on task when you need to get something done? Leave me some comments below on over on my Facebook page

- CarlyBellexo