5 Favourites of Instagram

Everyone loves Instagram, and I am somewhat obsessed. The first app I check every morning is IG. I wanted to share my favourites with you. Enjoy!


If you love beautiful photography and everything beachy, follow this man. His photos are unbelievably beautiful. 


If you're interested in eating colourful, bright, healthy foods follow Courtney Swan at RealFoodology. She's proving with each photo that healthy doesn't have to be bland and boring! 



These girls have a friendship every girl wants with her gals! They're smart, stylish and adorable! They post a lot of great things on their blog! Everything from how to's, to posts about their daily lives! Follow them and feel like you're part of the infectiously cute friendship!


The creative genius behind this badass shop is my friend Katy out in California. The stylish photos showcase the shop's motto "lifestyle boutique for the risktakers & wanderers". They really ring true to the style of the products & offer any 9 to 5'er a look at the dreamy world they're missing out on. You can purchase the rad collections of t's, bags & jewelry and accessories or just check out their personal lifestyle blog here!


Blogger that beautifully captures the things around her that give inspiration & life! Check out her blog for fashion and beauty posts!

What are you favourite accounts to follow? I'm always on the lookout for beautiful, fun accounts! 

Don't forget to follow ME! on instagram too! CarlyBellexo

***All photos included have been taken from the accounts I'm showcasing. They are being used solely to show you what beautiful images you can expect from these accounts I love! ***