A Little Self-Care Never Hurt Anybody...

If you're anything like me, you're hard on yourself, like REALLY hard on yourself. So, when things don't turn out as planned, you get a little down and need some serious self-care like I do. 

It's funny how we are harshest on ourselves when we, of all people know how hard we've worked for something, and yet we still give ourselves shit for it. Well, the time to stop acting so high and mighty over ourselves is done. 

It seems like the world of crystals and chakras, essential oils and diffusers is at an all time high, which to me, is awesome because my friends make fun of me MUCH less for the crystals in every pocket of my pants, purse, coat etc. 

So if these things can be so widely accepted now, its safe to say taking a little time each day for some self-love should be right up there too. 

I have a special place in my bedroom that I filled with all my crystals, diffuser, pictures I love, a plant & some books I can reach to when I need a little pick me up. It's very important to have a little sanctuary to retreat to (besides the place EVERYONE knows I love most - my bath tub), where you can get a little personal quiet time to reset, recharge and renew your inner happy kid. 

Some self-care activities I really enjoy include:
 taking a hot bubble bath
reading a biography or self-help book
lighting a candle
blasting some tunes or a podcast
having a cup of tea and hiding in my happy place
catching up on sleep (going to bed early! YES! this is self-care too!)
putting on a face mask
taking a walk
journalling (getting it out helps to ease anxiety)
catching up with a little Netflix

What are ways you practice self-care? I'm always interested in hearing back from you guys! So let me know in the comments below!