What I'm Listening To (September 2015)

Everyone loves getting new music. I know I do! I'm a big fan of many varieties of genres and artists. I thought it would be fun to share the top albums I've been listening to the past little while. Now, I'm not a music critic at all, and these aren't meant to be reviews. They're just some albums I'm playing on repeat and thought I should share.

Check them out, who knows, I may have just given you a new favourite! 

Badlands - Halsey
This woman can do no wrong in my books. New Americana is almost certainly something you've heard. I feel like I can get anything done when listening to this gem. My boyfriend thinks she's a lot like Lorde, but I can't help but think of her as the female The Weeknd. Whatever comparison made, this woman has what it takes to sell out world concerts months away. I'd say she's doing something right. 

Abandoned - Defeater
This band, wow. I suppose for those who don't know them, you could consider them a "hardcore-ish" band. The vocals are unapologetic and filled with emotion, the guitars are tough and the drums are heavy. This band deserves your ears, your heart and your time. 

The Things We Think We're Missing - Balance and Composure
Unlike the other two above albums this one isn't a new release, but that shouldn't sway you from giving it a listen. The newest release (2013) from B&C and probably my favourite. 

No Closer To Heaven - The Wonder Years
What can I say about this? Pop Punk easy going jams. Great for running through the train station or the gym. 

What are you listening to right now? What are your favourite albums? Let me know below or over on Facebook! I'll definitely check them out! 

- Carlybellexo