January 2015


Wow, 2015 already?! I can't believe it! 

Now, I don't know what you're like, but me, well I'm terrible at sticking to goals. Actually, my new years resolution was to try harder to commit to my goals instead of complain months later when I don't meet them. 

This month I'm starting with simple goals to achieve. I feel like accomplishing ANY goal, is still a win. 

Here are my goals for January 2015!

  1. Drink more water ('cause really, Christmas... more like "wine & food'mas")
  2. Wake up earlier each morning for some "me" time & breakfast
  3. Plan a girls night
  4. Finish reading #GirlBoss (especially since Sophia Amoruso started following me on Twitter
  5. Have an unplugged night. I spend too much time on my phone & computer!
  6. Become friends with some blogger ladies! I'd love to pick their brains!

I'd love to see what your goals are this month! Post them in the comments below!