September 2015

Can you believe it? September is here! 

I still get that sense of urgency to get ready for "back to school", and the slight sadness that summer has passed by yet again so quickly.

I also get REALLY excited for September. The beginning of my favourite season. The sweater weather, the crisp mornings, the smell of the turning leaves - everything. I absolutely love it. 

This year September is my busiest month. I have the wedding of two amazing friends, family functions, a potential trip to a cottage with all my friends & a trip to Vancouver at the end of the month for Blogpodium. My head spins with excitement, so here are my goals this month!

 - ORGANIZE everything in advance! 

 - Don't sweat the small details, they'll sort themselves out. 

 - Get some cute note books & pens for Blogpodium, I have yet to decide if I'll take my laptop to the actual events of the weekend, or simply organically write out the points I love

 - Contact my Vancouver friends so I can get a chance to see them while I'm there! I mean, yes, I'm going for the event but I do have a few extra days to spend with friends and exploring the city!

 - Eat better. My stomach has been a MESS the last month. I've been working non-stop at my job, and I've been so stressed out, I want September to be the month of serenity and comfort. 

What do you have planned for September? Are you a blogger going out to Blogpodium too? Let me know, I would LOVE to meet you there!

 - Carlybellexo